Whether you have just had surgery, are trying to avoid it, or you are looking to gain a competitive advantage; Alliance Health is here to work with you in order to achieve your maximum potential! Our ecclectic approach utilizes years of experience, the most up to date research, and a patient centered focus in order to blend the art and science of healing. When you decide to work with our team, expect more – we are committed to providing exceptional care that is individualistic, comprehensive and compassionate.

Once an appointment is made, your treatment will unfold as follows:

Assessment – Treatment – Prevention


Your initial appoint will include a detailed evaluation or your injury or reason for your referral to physical therapy. This includes a historical perspective of your injury and your general health. Then our therapists will put you through a detailed assessment including pain, range of motion, joint mobility, strength and movement assessments to determine the impairments that need to be addressed for your recovery.


Each treatment session will include an assessment of how you are feeling and progressing. Treatment may include modalities to assist with pain or swelling, range of motion exercises, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy (massage and/or joint mobilization), taping techniques, and movement progressions. Treatments also focus on educating and instruction in home exercise programs.


Did you know that the greatest predictor of injury is a previous injury to the same area? We did! That’s why it’s very important to us to help you reach your goals and fully succeed in recovery. Once you have completed your rehabilitation program we will continue to assist you. We are available to provide progressive strength and neuromuscular re-education to return you to your favorite activity or sport. We can provide you with a comprehensive individual program or refer you to one of our community partners for additional strength and conditioning.